Labotronics Scientific Ltd. is a Canada based renowned laboratory equipment manufacturing company. We offer a wide range of Laboratory Equipment that are used in Life Science, Medical and Healthcare, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Industrial production, Research Laboratories and educational sectors.We thrive in improving the productivity and workflow to meet the experimental needs in laboratories and industries.
We are committed to providing Safe, Reliable and Supreme quality products, which have been diligently tested and approved by a team of R&D, Quality Control and Quality Assurance expertise, who progressively work to meet the customer’s requirements.

Our product range includes :
Cooling Equipment - Chillers, Cold storage, Refrigerated Circulator
Heating Equipment - Incubators, Hot Plate, Ovens, Autoclaves
Molecular Spectroscopy - Spectrometer, Spectrophotometer
Microbiology - Centrifuge, Laboratory Shakers, Rotary evaporator, Glass reactor, Sample concentrator
Analytical Equipment - Gas Chromatography, HPLC
Water Distillation and Purification System - Water Distiller, Short Path Distillation Kits
Weighing Equipment - Balances
Petroleum Testing - Oil Melting Point Meter, Automatic Melting Point Meter, Oil Bath
Meters and Testers - Moisture Testers, pH Meters, Moisture Meters
Environmental Testing - Single Gas Analyzers, Test Chambers, Ore Analyzers, Carbon Sulphur Analyzer, Halogen Moisture Analyzer, Safety Containment Cabinets
Histopathology Equipment - Microtome, Water Bath and Slide Dryer, Tissue Processor
Laboratory Washers And Disinfector - Glassware Washing Machine, Ultrasonic Cleaner

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited company and also CE certified.

Our products also comply with international standards such as ISO 13485 : 2016 and has a well approved Quality Management System.

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