3D Rotating Mixers

We provide 3D Rotating Mixers are specialized laboratory instruments designed for thorough and consistent mixing of samples in three dimensions. These mixers typically feature a platform that oscillates or rotates simultaneously in multiple directions, providing a gentle yet effective mixing action. This design ensures optimal sample homogeneity, making 3D rotating mixers ideal for applications such as gel staining, hybridization, and sample preparation in molecular biology and biochemistry. The three-dimensional motion minimizes the risk of air bubbles and ensures uniform mixing even with variable sample volumes and viscosities.

3D Rotating Mixers LB-10ROM

3D Rotating Mixers LB-10ROM

Rotating speed 18 rpm
Power 4 W
Dimensions 240 × 145 × 210 mm
Weight 1 kg
3D Rotating Mixers LB-11ROM

3D Rotating Mixers LB-11ROM

Rotating speed 10 rpm ~ 40 rpm
Time range 1 s ~ 999 mins
Reciprocating oscillation angle 20 ° ~ 99 °
Power 4 W


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