4 position hot plate

Our 4-position laboratory hot plate is a versatile and efficient heating device designed for simultaneous heating of four separate samples or containers in a laboratory setting. It typically features a flat, heated surface with four designated areas where laboratory glassware or containers can be placed. Each position can be controlled independently, allowing for precise temperature regulation for different experiments or processes running concurrently. These hot plates are commonly used in chemistry and biology laboratories for tasks such as heating solutions, evaporating solvents, or maintaining specific temperatures in experiments.

4 – Position hotplate LB-30THP

4 – Position hotplate LB-30THP

Heat capacity 50 ml ̴ 1 L
Ceramic plate dimension 140 mm × 140 mm
Power 450 W
Temperature 400 °C
4 – Position hotplate LB-31THP

4 – Position hotplate LB-31THP

Heat capacity 2 L
Ceramic plate dimension 180 mm × 180 mm
Power 550 W
Temperature 400 °C
4 – Position hotplate LB-32THP

4 – Position hotplate LB-32THP

Heat capacity 50 ml ̴ 10 L
Ceramic plate dimension 230 mm × 230 mm
Power 750 W
Temperature 400 °C
4 – Position hotplate LB-33THP

4 – Position hotplate LB-33THP

Heat capacity 50 ml ̴ 15 L
Ceramic plate dimension 280 mm × 280 mm
Power 1000 W
Temperature 400 °C


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