Water Shower Autoclaves LB-10WSA

Water shower autoclave LB-10WSA is a horizontal unit with motor driven or sliding door systems for terminal sterilizing of loaded objects. Characterized with advanced technology of temperature time and F0 dual control system for effective results. It features remote controlled monitoring technology for convenient application.

Steam consumption 30 kgs
Deionized water 80 kgs
Compressed air 0.6 m3
Power 3 kW
Pressure 0.165 MPa
Temperature 129 °C
Chamber dimensions 1000 × 600 × 600 mm
External dimensions 1300 × 1800 × 1700 mm
Net weight 1000 kgs

  • Rapid heating and cooling system
  • Horizontal rectangular and cylindrical structures
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Independent data recording
  • Compressed air sealing technology

Used for sterilization of glass bottles, plastic bags, soft bags containing infusion packed or blister packed products or transfusion liquids in veterinary hospitals, dental care units, ophthalmological units, forensics, biochemistry, food and beverages industries, pharmaceutical industries, etc.