Water Bath LB-31WB

Water bath LB-31WB is a laboratory unit with digital PID controller and LED display for optimized temperature uniformity. Insulated stainless steel chamber and high temperature powder coating exterior provides protection against corrosion and chemical damage. It includes heat resistant bakelite handle and stainless steel roof cover, which reduces heat loss of the unit.

Capacity 20 L
Temperature range RT+5 °C to 99 °C
Temperature fluctuation ± 1 °C
Temperature homogeneity ± 1 °C
Power 1500 W
Voltage 110 V/60 Hz
220 V/50 Hz
Working dimensions 580 x 280 x 130 mm
Dimensions 660 x 360 x 280 mm
Weight 10 kgs

  • Microprocessor controlled system (consistent results)
  • Digital display (inner temperature)
  • Built-in internal drain>
  • Over temperature alarm for safety
  • Easy to clean and operate

Used in industries, educational institutes, research and biological laboratories, food technology, waste water plants, environmental science to improve solubility of poorly soluble substance, warming of chemical reagent, facilitating chemical reaction, incubation of cell cultures, etc.