Tube Furnace LB-20TF

Tube furnace LB-20TF is a box type table top unit with provision of gas insertion. PID digital controller installed at the base of chamber controls heat temperature, air flow, pressure and speed. Selection of tube material depends on the vacuum status and temperature. FeCrAl alloy molded heating element provides intermediate electric resistance and withstand high temperature. Safety devices include ELB (elastic load balancing) and overheating protection system for end user safety.

Heater power 3 kW
Heating tube diameter ( Ø ) 50 mm
Heating tube length 300 mm
Maximum temperature range 1000 °C
Working temperature range 300 °C ~ 900 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 1 % ( at setting temperature )
Power ( 1 phase ) AC 230 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Overall dimensions ( W × D × H ) 550 × 500 × 755 mm
Net weight 42 kgs

  • Ceramic wool and board tube insulation
  • Nitrogen gas atmosphere
  • Optional gases : Ar, H₂, He, CO, CO₂
  • Gas flow meter (rate of gas flow measurement)
  • K type thermocouple (Chromel/Alumel) exhibits good corrosion resistance
  • Solid-state relay (SSR) type temperature regulator (heat dissipation)
  • FIB module (interior material)
  • Steel plate with powder coated finish (exterior material)

Used in laboratory research, materials testing, ceramics, crystal growth, heat treating, annealing, melting, firing, cleaning, etc.