High Pressure Homogenizer LB-10HPH

High pressure homogenizer LB-10HPH is equipped with hydraulic power unit. Samples are directly feed to stainless sample tube. Physical crushing avoids external pollution and metal ion contamination. Effective low temperature controller and automated overload protection for high safety.

Operating pressure ( Maximum ) 256 MPa ( 37,120 psi )
Capacity 50 ml/times
( Each time you add sample )
Pressure plate speed 6.8 mm/s
Pressure stroke ( Maximum ) 170 mm
Sample tune diameter 25 mm
Voltage 380 V
Dimensions 555 × 600 × 1170 mm

  • Hydraulic pressure driven system
  • Adjustable high pressure
  • Continuous sample circulation for crushing
  • Even homogenization of sample
  • Stainless sample tube

Used for extraction of DNA & RNA, protein research. Perform effective crushing of sclereid cell, bacteria and high concentrated samples.