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Analog stirring oil bath LB-13OBS

Analog stirring oil bath LB-13OBS

Analog stirring oil bath LB-13OBS is a tabletop unit with top pot dimension of Φ 310 × 150 mm and stirring speed of 0 rpm to 2500 rpm. It features a maximum stirring quantity of 10 L and a scaler stir display. Integrated with a PID temperature control with a heating temperature of 260 °C.

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Top pot dimension Φ 310 × 150 mm
Power 2000 W
Max stir quantity 10 L
Heating temperature 260 °C
Stir speed 0 rpm ~ 2500 rpm
Motor power 40 W, DC 20 V
Speed display resolution ± 5 rpm
Dimensions 500 × 330 × 305 mm
  1. Microprocessor-based temperature controller
  1. Secondary over-temperature safety sensor prevents samples from overheating
  1. Primary controller can be calibrated to the reference thermometer
  1. Stainless steel top pot material

Used in biological and chemical laboratories to heat reaction mixtures more evenly.

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