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Automatic Steel Autoclave LB-12ASA

Automatic Steel Autoclave LB-12ASA

Automatic steel autoclave LB-12ASA is a computer-controlled unit with auto recycle sterilization process. The top interlocking seal ensures airtight sterilization. It is characterized with automatic discharging of over pressure.

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Capacity 50 L
Sterilization room size Φ 350 × 525 mm
Exterior dimensions 510 × 510 × 1250 mm
Temperature range 134 °C
Timer 0 ∼ 9999 mins
Maximum pressure 0.22 Mpa
Power 3.5 KW
Voltage 220 V; 50 Hz
Weight 58 kgs
  1. Quick door opening mechanism by hand wheel
  1. Automatic shutdown with a beeping sound to indicate completion of sterilization
  1. LED display for visual monitoring of the working state

Used in sterilizing clothes, fabric, metal instruments, biological products, utensils, medical appliances, medical dressing, herbal medicines, culture media, etc. in the fields of botany, zoology, biochemistry, forensic, pharmaceuticals, cytology, immunology, genetics, bio engineering, health and sanitary, etc.

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