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Beer refractometer LB-10BBR

Beer refractometer LB-10BBR

Beer Refractometer LB-10BBR is equipped with Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) that adjusts itself to correct temperature discrepancies during usage. It features vivid and sharp reticule chart for easy and comfortable reading. It uses ambient light and no batteries are needed.

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Measurement range Brix:0 % - 32 %
Wort SG:1.000-1.120
Minimum division Brix: 0.1 %
Wort SG: 0.001sg
Accuracy Brix: 0.1 %
Wort SG: 0.001sg
Dimension 30 × 40 × 170 mm
Weight 230 g
  1. Smooth focus control
  1. Rubber eyecup for comfortable viewing
  1. Rugged metal construction
  1. Secure rubber grip
  1. Large daylight plate for brighter viewing

Used to measure the refractive index of beer

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