Biological Safety Cabinets

Biosafety cabinets are essential laboratory enclosures designed to provide a controlled and sterile environment for working with potentially hazardous biological materials, such as microorganisms or cell cultures. Our product employs high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to create a unidirectional airflow, which not only protects the laboratory personnel but also prevents contamination of the materials being handled. Biosafety cabinets are classified into three types (Class I, Class II, and Class III) based on their level of containment and protection. Class II BSCs are the most commonly used and offer protection for both the operator and the environment. They are equipped with a front sash, which the operator uses for access, and can be further categorized into Types A1, A2, B1, and B2 based on their exhaust systems and application suitability. BSCs are critical in various fields like microbiology, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research, ensuring the safe manipulation of biological agents and maintaining a sterile workspace while minimizing the risk of exposure to potentially harmful pathogens.

Biological Safety Cabinets Class I Biological Safety Cabinets Class II Biological Safety Cabinets Class III
Class I Biosafety Cabinet LB-10BSC

Class I Biosafety Cabinet LB-10BSC

HEPA filter 0.3 µm
Air in flow 75 FPM
Air down flow 75 FPM
Air exhaust 1
Class II Biosafety Cabinet Type A2 LB-20BSC
HEPA filter 0.3 µm
Air in flow 100 FPM
Air down flow 60 FPM
Air circulation 0.7
Class II Biosafety Cabinet Type B2 LB-30BSC
HEPA filter 0.3 µm
Air in flow 100 FPM
Air down flow 70 FPM
Air exhaust 1
Class III Biosafety Cabinets LB-40BSC
HEPA filter 0.3 µm
Air exhaust 1
Negative pressure in the chamber - 50 Pa to - 150 Pa
Wavelength 254 nm


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