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Battery Hydrometer LB-11BH

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Battery Hydrometer LB-11BH

Battery Hydrometer LB-11BH is a calibration tool that provides instant measurement readings. Graduated colour coded bands and crystal-clear fonts are easy to read indicators. It is free of lead, mercury and other hazardous compounds making them user and eco-friendly. Determination of battery charge is done by measuring the acid concentration of storage batteries.

Features :

  • Individually serialized
  • Lead and mercury free ballast
  • Easy to read balancing scale
  • Instant and accurate measurement readings
  • Standard inexpensive glass design

Applications :

Used in determining the charge of battery cell in chemical industry, laboratories, research institutes, biomedical industry, etc.

Specifications :

Measuring range 1100 ~ 1300
Length 32 cm
Size 320 × Φ 46 mm
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy tolerance 0.001
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