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Research Biological Microscope LB-12RBM

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Research Biological Microscope LB-12RBM

Research biological microscope LB-12RBM is a unit with multiple splitting ratio options for professional analysis. Large sized rackless stage holds two slices simultaneously for comparative studies. Modular frame structure with cross arm and main body improves the system compatibility. Various optional accessories upgrades the unit and makes it more flexible for advanced application.

Features :

  • Infinite color corrected optical system
  • High eye point wide field plan eyepiece for flat field view
  • Coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment function
  • Adjustable intensity by digital set and reset
  • Built-in transmitted filters for observation

Applications :

Used in biology, histology, pathology, bacteriology, pharmacy, medical laboratories and education institutes to observe cell, tissues and other specimens.

Specifications :

Viewing head Seidentopf Trinocular
Viewing head inclination 30° inclined
Interpupillary distance 50 mm ~ 76 mm
Frame Fluorescence frame (transmitted)
Splitting ratio Eyepiece Trinocular = 100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100
Eyepiece PL 10X/25 mm
Diopter adjustable
Objective (Plan semi-apochromatic fluorescent objective) 4X/0.13 (infinity) ; WD = 18.5 mm
10X/0.30 (infinity) ; WD = 10.6 mm
20X/0.50 (infinity) ; WD = 2.33 mm
40X/0.75 (infinity) ; WD = 0.6 mm
100X/1.30 (infinity) ; WD = 0.21 mm
Nosepiece (with DIC slot) Backward sextuple
Frame structure Low position co-axial coarse and fine adjustment
Coarse adjustment distance: 25 mm
Fine precision: 0.001 mm
Stage (tension adjustable) Double layers mechanical stage
Size: 187 mm x 168 mm
Moving range: 80 mm x 55 mm
Precision: 0.1 mm
Two-way linear drive
Condenser Swing-out type achromatic condenser (N.A. 0.9)
Reflected fluorescence illuminator Sextuple reflected fluorescence illuminator
Iris filter diaphragm and aperture diaphragm
Filter slot and polarizing slot
100 W mercury lamp house
Filament center and focus adjustable
Digital power controller, wide Voltage 100 V ~ 240 V
Transmitted illumination 12 V/100 W Halogen lamp house
Center pre-set
Intensity adjustable

Optional Accessories :

Accessory No Accessory Specifications
RBMA1 Eyepiece PL 10X/25 mm, diopter adjustable
RBMA2 Eyepiece PL 10X/26.5 mm , diopter adjustable
RBMA3 Eyepiece PL 10X/26.5 mm. with rectile, diopter adjustable
RBMA4 Nosepiece Backward Quintuple
RBMA5 Nosepiece Backward Septuple
RBMA6 Camera adapter 0.5X/0.65X/1X focusing C-mount
RBMA7 Camera Cooled CCD Camera
RBMA8 Calibration slide 0.01 mm
RBMA9 Attachment DIC attachment

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