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Refrigerated Circulator LB-82RC

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Refrigerated Circulator LB-82RC

Refrigerated circulator LB-82RC is a low temperature circulator, designed to provide precision and stability for temperature control procedures. Hermetically sealed compressor and high performance circulating pump ensures superior cooling power.

Features :

  • Microprocessor controlled system (consistent temperature stability)
  • High quality refrigeration unit (relays, capacitors, cooling components)
  • Corrosion resistant circulation system
  • Digital temperature display (easy to operate)
  • Closed compressor (less power consumption)
  • Drain port and lockable castors for user convenience

Applications :

Used in laboratories, genetic engineering, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, research for QC/QA, sample testing, sample preparation, environmental testing, temperature application to external system such as viscometer, photometers, bioreactors etc.

Specifications :

Volume 80 L
Temperature range - 40 °C
Cooling capacity 10364 W ~ 1631 W
Flow rate 40 L/min
Lift 19 m ~ 22 m
Minimum temperature - 42 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.2 °C
Environment temperature 25 °C
Environment humidity 60 % to 80 % (Ventilation)
Power supply 380 V
Length 1000
Width 800 mm
Height 1100 mm
Weight 176 kgs
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