Colony Counter

A colony counter is a laboratory device used for rapidly and accurately counting the number of bacterial or other microbial colonies on a Petri dish or agar plate. It typically consists of a magnifying lens or digital camera that aids in visualizing and counting the colonies on a sample. Modern versions often incorporate digital imaging technology, enabling automatic colony counting and analysis. This tool is essential in microbiology, environmental monitoring, and food safety testing to assess the bacterial load in samples. It ensures the precise determination of colony-forming units (CFUs), providing valuable information for research, quality control, and monitoring microbial populations. Automated colony counters save time and reduce human error in counting, improving the accuracy and efficiency of microbiological analyses across various industries and scientific fields.

Automatic Colony Counter Digital Colony Counter
Automatic Colony Counter LB-10CC

Automatic Colony Counter LB-10CC

Culture dish type Pour, coating, membrane filter,3 m paper
Diameter range Standard 50 mm ~ 160 mm
Detection mode Full automatic (combined with manual)
Light source White light (optional) ,automatic centering and camera shooting
Digital Colony Counter LB-20CC

Digital Colony Counter LB-20CC

Lamp power 16 W
Display digit LED (0 to 999)
Dish diameter Φ 115 mm
Light source LED


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