Decolorizing Shaker

A labotronic decolorizing shaker is a laboratory device commonly used in chemistry and biology for the agitation and mixing of substances in solution. It typically consists of a motorized platform or an oscillating mechanism that gently moves containers or tubes filled with solutions to enhance the mixing process. Decolorizing shakers are especially useful when working with solid-phase extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, or any process that requires thorough mixing and extraction of components. They are vital in applications such as sample preparation for analytical techniques like chromatography, where the homogeneity of the mixture is essential. Our decolorizing shakers ensure efficient and consistent decolorization or mixing, making them essential tools in research, quality control, and analytical laboratories.

Decolorizing shaker LB-10DZS

Decolorizing shaker LB-10DZS

Rocking speed 0 ~ 25 rpm
Rocking angle ± 25°
Working plate size 250 x 200 mm
Power AC 80 V ~ 230 V ( 50 Hz / 60 Hz )


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