Dual action shakers

Our dual action shakers are versatile laboratory instruments designed for simultaneous orbital and reciprocal shaking. They feature a platform that moves both horizontally and vertically, ensuring thorough mixing and agitation of samples. These shakers are widely used in various scientific and research applications, including cell culture, DNA extraction, and staining procedures. They accommodate a range of sample containers, such as test tubes, microplates, and flasks, offering flexibility for different experimental needs. Dual action shakers are crucial for tasks requiring consistent and uniform mixing, such as biological assays and chemical reactions, enhancing efficiency and reliability in laboratory workflows.

Dual Action Shaker LB-10DAS

Dual Action Shaker LB-10DAS

Speed range 10 rpm ~ 300 rpm
Maximum load Capacity 7 kgs
Platform ( W × D ) 350 × 350 mm
Power 45 W
Dual Action Shaker LB-11DAS

Dual Action Shaker LB-11DAS

Speed range 10 rpm ~ 300 rpm
Maximum load Capacity 12 kgs
Platform ( W × D ) 450 × 450 mm
Power 70 W
Dual Action Shaker LB-12DAS

Dual Action Shaker LB-12DAS

Speed range 10 rpm ~ 300 rpm
Maximum load Capacity 30 kgs
Platform ( W × D ) 755 × 481 mm
Power 140 W


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