Evaporation Loss Test Bath

Labotronics evaporation loss test bath is a specialized laboratory apparatus used to determine the rate of evaporation and loss of volatile substances from a liquid sample under controlled conditions. It consists of a temperature-controlled chamber with a liquid reservoir and a cover, which can be sealed or partially open. The liquid sample is placed in the chamber, and the bath is set to the desired temperature, typically following specific testing standards. The test measures the loss of the volatile components due to evaporation over a specified time period. These baths are commonly used in various industries, including petrochemicals, automotive, and environmental testing, to assess the evaporation characteristics of lubricants, fuels, and other liquids. Evaporation loss test baths play a crucial role in quality control and product development, ensuring that substances can meet the necessary standards and performance requirements.

Evaporation Loss Test Bath LB-10ELB

Evaporation Loss Test Bath LB-10ELB

Samples tested Oil and grease
Temperature range RT ~ 200 °C
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Flow rate 0.4 g/min ~ 4 g/min
Evaporation loss test bath LB-11ELB

Evaporation loss test bath LB-11ELB

Temperature control point 250 °C ± 0.5 °C
Temperature control method Touch screen LCD
Pressure regulator Precise needle valve
Pressure display Inclined manometer


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