Fat Analyzer

A fat analyzer is a specialized instrument used to determine the fat content in food products and organic samples. It employs various techniques, such as gravimetric methods, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), or infrared spectroscopy, to accurately measure the fat concentration in a given sample. These analyzers are essential tools in the food industry, ensuring product quality, nutritional labeling compliance, and adherence to safety standards. By rapidly and precisely quantifying fat levels, they enable producers to monitor batch consistency, optimize recipes, and meet regulatory requirements.

Fat Analyzer LB-10FA

Fat Analyzer LB-10FA

Capacity 6 pcs/batch
Measuring range 0.1 % ~ 100 %
Sample weight 0.5 g ~ 15 g
Temperature range RT 5 °C ~ 300 °C
Fat Analyzer LB-11FA

Fat Analyzer LB-11FA

Capacity 6 pcs/batch
Measuring range 0.5 % ~ 60 %
Temperature range RT 0 °C ~ 100 °C
Heating time Within 10 min


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