Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry(GC-MS)

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is a powerful analytical technique widely used in chemistry and forensic science. It combines two essential methods: Gas Chromatography, which separates complex mixtures of compounds, and Mass Spectrometry, which identifies and quantifies the individual components. In GC, a sample is vaporized and injected into a column where it separates into its constituent compounds based on their chemical properties. The eluting compounds are then directed into a Mass Spectrometer, which ionizes and fragments the molecules, producing mass spectra. These spectra act as chemical "fingerprints," enabling precise identification of the compounds present. GC-MS is invaluable for identifying unknown substances, quantifying components in a mixture, detecting trace levels of drugs or pollutants, and analyzing complex samples in fields like environmental science, pharmaceuticals, and forensics. Its ability to provide both qualitative and quantitative data makes it an essential tool for researchers and analysts working with complex chemical samples.

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy LB-10GMS
GC Pressure control range : 0 psi ~ 100 psi
Control precision : 0.002 psi
Injection port temperature : 450 °C
Column temperature box operating temperature : RT 4 °C ~ 450 °C
Oven heating rate : 120 °C
Dimensions : 720 × 620 × 820 mm
Net weight : 45 kgs
Gross weight : 70 kgs
MS Ionization energy : 5 eV ~ 250 eV (adjustable)
Quality range : 1.5 amu ~ 1000 amu
Resolution : unit mass resolution
Ion source temperature : 100 °C ~ 350 ℃
Filament emission current : 0 µA ~ 350 µA
Temperament interface temperature : 450 ℃
Quality shaft stability : + / - 0.10 amu / 48 HRS
Sensitivity : full scan, fluorinated naphthalene (OFN) in the m/z 272 amu
Scan rate : maximum 10000 amu / s
Dimensions : 650 × 640 × 680 mm
Net weight : 50 kgs
Gross weight : 72 kgs


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