Laboratory Colorimeter

Our precise laboratory colorimeter designed to measure the concentration of a specific substance in a solution by assessing its color intensity. It operates based on the Beer-Lambert law, which correlates the absorbance of light by a colored compound with its concentration. Colorimeters emit light of a specific wavelength through the sample, and a detector measures the intensity of the transmitted or reflected light. By comparing this intensity to a reference or blank sample, the instrument can calculate the concentration of the target substance.

Colorimeter LB-10PCM

Colorimeter LB-10PCM

Measuring color temperature 2750 K ± 50 K
Light hole diameter Φ 14 mm
Colorimetric tube diameter Φ 32 mm
Total number of testing light holes 26
Colorimeter LB-11PCM

Colorimeter LB-11PCM

Measuring color temperature 2750 K ± 50 K
Colorimetric cylinder (inner diameter) ( 33 mm x 125 mm ) ± 5 mm
Number of color samples 1 ~ 25
Luminous source 100 W


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