Multi-pipe Vacuum Freeze Dryer LB-10MVFD

Multi-pipe Vacuum Freeze Dryer LB-10MVFD

Multi-pipe Vacuum Freeze Dryer LB-10MVFD can reach temperatures as low as ≤ -60°C to freeze and capture water vapor from samples effectively. The spacious 0.12m³ freeze-drying area accommodates various sample volumes. It incorporates comprehensive protection features to ensure both equipment longevity and user safety. This dryer utilizes energy-efficient compressors and pumps for reliable vacuum and cooling performance. Our unit is equipped with a high-resolution 7-inch LCD touchscreen for user-friendly operation.

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Freeze Drying Area 0.12m3
Cold Trap Temperature ≤ -60°C
Number of Trays 4 pcs
Number of Flasks 8 flasks
Tray Spacing 70 mm
Ice Collecting Capacity 3 to 4 kg/24h
Pumping Speed 2 L/s
Ultimate Vacuum ≤ 1Pa
Tray Diameter 200 mm
Material Capacity 1.2 L (thickness 10mm)
Eggplant-Shaped Bottle 100, 250, 500, 1000 ml
Wide-Mouth Bottle 600 ml
Defrosting Mode Electric defrosting
Modular Control System Next-gen controller and advanced system for enhanced reliability
Power Consumption 970 W
Drying Chamber Dimensions 260 × 430 mm
Overall Dimensions 580 × 500 × 720 mm
Weight 62 kg


  • GLP-compliant materials
  • Pre-freezing function
  • Gas flow control technology
  • Data logging system
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • User-friendly interface with multilingual support
  • Intelligent defrosting technology


Multi-pipe Vacuum Freeze Dryer is used to preserve sensitive samples in pharmaceuticals, food, biotech, and research, ensuring long-term integrity and quality across diverse applications.

Standard Accessories

Vacuum pump × 1

Ordinary drying rack × 1
Multi-manifold ordinary drying chamber × 1
Sample tray Φ200 mm × 4
Pre-freezing rack × 1
Eggplant-shaped bottle × 8
Rubber valve × 8

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Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Vacuum Freeze Dryer LB-10VFD
Heating Area 1.5 m2
Loading Capacity 20 Kg/batch
Maximum Water Trapping Capacity 15 Kg/batch
Heating Method Double Side Radiation

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