Nanoparticle Size Analyzer LB-10NPA

Nanoparticle Size Analyzer LB-10NPA

Nanoparticle size analyzer LB-10NPA is a laboratory test unit that provides measurement for particle size and concentration. It adopts dynamic laser scattering and brownian motion for effective sample analysis. High precision constant temperature control system prevents error and ensures sample to be in a constant state.

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Measuring range 1 nm ~ 10000 nm
Concentration range 0.1 mg/ml ~ 100 mg/ml
Test speed < 5 min
Temperature control 5 °C ~ 40 °C
Light source Semiconductor laser
P : 30 mW
Detector Photo multiplier
Scattering angle 90 °
Sample cuvette 10 x 10 x 40 mm
1 mL ~ 4 mL
Accuracy error < 1% (CRM D50)
Repeatability error < 1% (CRM D50)
Operation system Win XP/Win 7/Win 10 (64 bits)
Auto-correlation channel 256
Baseline channel 4
Physical channel 5000
Unit delay time 100 ns ~ 10 ms
Standard ISO 13321: 1996
Dimensions 480 x 270 x 170 mm
Weight 12 kgs


  • Wet dispersion method
  • Digital correlator for high resolution (8 ns speed)
  • High quality photomultiplier ensures good accuracy
  • High speed data collection and calculation
  • Stable optical path alignment (anti-interference)
  • Intuitive software for statistical comparison, analysis and documentation
  • Analysis: average particle diameter, particle distribution, photon counting rate etc.


Used in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, academic institutes, metallurgy, medicine and quality control for research and analysis of ceramics, cement, medicine, paints & dyes, explosive, lubricants, coal, fillers, chemicals, drilling mud, abrasives, pesticides and other powdered nano materials.

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Nanoparticle Size Analyzer

Nanoparticle Size Analyzer LB-11NPA
Measuring Range 1nm to 10000nm
Concentration Range 0.1 mg/ml to 100 mg/ml
Test Speed < 1 Min/times
Temperature Range 5 °C to 90 °C

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