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Terms and Conditions

1. Order placement guidelines: The full amount of your order, or 100% of the purchase price, must be paid in advance, according to our order placement policy. We ensure that our order processing procedure is streamlined and effective, enabling us to quickly and accurately complete your transaction.

2. Timeframe for returns and replacements: Any claims for refunds or product replacements must be made within 30 days. This deadline guarantees that any problems with the products are swiftly addressed and fixed within a reasonable amount of time

3. Restocking Fee: 30% restocking fee will be charged in accordance with our policy whenever an item is returned. By implementing a restocking fee, we can ensure that these costs are adequately addressed while maintaining competitive pricing for our customers.

4. Agreement: We require the execution of an NDA or a Confidentiality Agreement before releasing our price list. This agreement specifies the understanding that the price list provided is solely for your company's use and should not be shared or distributed without our express permission.

5. Warranty: We are happy to provide our products with a thorough warranty that lasts for a full year from the date of purchase. We offer coverage for any material or workmanship issues that might occur with the purchased items during this warranty period.


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