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Salt spray chamber LB-20SSC

Salt spray chamber LB-20SSC

Salt spray chamber LB-20SSC is a 60 L chamber designed for corrosion testing. It comprises of a saline fog environment with a temperature range from (35 °C to 50 °C) and transparent angled (110º to 120º) chamber which allows easy observation of sample spraying condition and prevents contact of condensate with sample.

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Chamber capacity 60 L
Interior dimensions (W x H x D) 600 x 400 x 450 mm
Exterior dimensions (W x H x D) 1130 x 1070 x 630 mm
Temperature range 35 °C ± 1°C to 50 °C ± 1°C
Heater power 3 kW + 0.75 kW
Air compressor 1/ 2 HP
Power supply AC 220 V 50 Hz
Weight 50 kgs
  1. Acrylic glass spray nozzle ( optimum spray distribution )
  1. Quartz glass fired nozzle ( miniscule spray mist )
  1. Glass fiber protected interior and exterior chamber with epoxy integral molding ( corrosion and leakage resistant )
  1. Tower spraying system charged with salt solution filtration system
  1. 110 ° to 120 ° angled transparent chamber top
  1. Water sealing between chamber top and cabinet ( no salt spray overflow )
  1. Water level and temperature protection system
  1. Economic arrangement of control panel and display instruments
  1. Corrosion and temperature resistant material
  1. Recyclable PVC assembly

Used to assess corrosion resistance of metal fittings, protective coatings, in tests like NSS, ACSS, CASS, CORK, in automotive, military, medical and maritime sectors

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