Sulfur Testing

Sulfur testing refers to a range of analytical techniques and methods used to determine the sulfur content in various substances, particularly in fuels and petroleum products. Sulfur analysis is crucial in the energy and environmental sectors, as it asses...... More

Mercaptan Sulfur Content Tester Sulfur Content Tester
Mercaptan Sulfur Content Tester LB-10MSC
Measuring range 0 mV to ± 1999 mV
Accuracy ± 2 mV
Titration accuracy ± 0.02 mL
Input impedance > 1012 Ω
Sulfur Content Tester (Lamp Method) LB-10SCT
Glassware components 5 tubes
Sucking pump 220 V, 60 W
Compliance ASTM D1266
Ambient temperature 10 °C ~ 40 °C
Mercaptan Sulfur Content Tester LB-11MSC
Measuring range 0. 0001 % ~ 0.05 % (m/m)
Potentiometric measuring range 0 mV ~ 1999.5 mV
Burette volume 10 mL
Min burette volume 0.01mL
Sulfur Content Tester (Quartz-Tube method) LB-11SCT
Temperature controlling range 900 °C ~ 950 °C
Flow meter 100 mL/min ~ 1000 mL/min
Stroke time (adjustable) 30 min, 40 min, 50 min, 60 min
Tubular tube route 150 mm


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