Thermostatic Oil Bath LB-10TOB

Thermostatic Oil Bath LB-10TOB

Thermostatic oil bath LB-10TOB is a finely tuned bench top unit with far infrared heating technology. Its dual A/D converter gives accessible digital operational results. Intelligent thermostatic setting qualifies in assuring temperature stability over a considerable period of time.

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Temperature range RT ~ 300 °C
Temperature sensitivity ≤ 1 °C
Temperature fluctuation ≤ 1 °C
Working dimension Φ 26 × 160 mm
Heating power 1000 W
Power supply 220 V; 50 Hz


  • Digital LED display for precise visual monitoring
  • Operational amplifier for steady thermostatic effect
  • Temperature control over a wide range
  • Stainless steel chamber and trough


Used for heating reaction mixtures more evenly in chemical industries, forensic, research laboratories, immunology, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, etc.

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