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V-Type Mixer LB-12VTM

V-Type Mixer LB-12VTM

V-type mixer LB-12VTM is equipped with gyration system for quick diffusion. A horizontal shaft ensures a perfect and quick homogenization of mixing components. Double swing axis rotation improves mixing efficiency with no dead angle. Blending time depends on the properties of materials to be blended.

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Vessel capacity 50 L
Mixable capacity 20 L
Vessel rotating speed 36 rpm
Impeller rotor power ½ hp
Vessel height ( from bottom ) 500 mm
Drum motor power 1 hp
Impeller rotor speed 600 rpm
Power ( 1 phase ) AC 230 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Overall dimensions ( W × D × H ) 1560 × 550 × 1140 mm
Net weight 195 kgs
  1. V shaped drum and impeller rotators
  1. Homogeneous mixing on 360° rotation
  1. Unit power on-off buttons
  1. Corrosion resistant stainless steel plate (vessel material)
  1. Steel plate with powder coated finish (body material)

Used for dry blending, pharmaceuticals, food products, metals, ceramic powders, fertilizers, cosmetics, polyethylene, pesticides, etc.

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