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Vertical Electrophoresis Unit LB-31VEU

Vertical Electrophoresis Unit LB-31VEU

Vertical Electrophoresis Unit LB-31VEU is a vertical system with modular gel making device for preparing multi slab gel simultaneously. Large volume buffer ensures cooling effect and stable pH value during experimental process. Seals surrounding glass plates on both sides ensures fast set up time and leak proof operation.

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Gel area (W x L) 186 x 205 mm
Glass plate area (W x L) 216 x 220 mm
Buffer volume 3500 mL
No of samples 25,40, 52 samples
Gel making mode Agorose sealing
Gel thickness 1 mm
Amount of gel 1~ 2 piece
Dimensions (L x W x H) 280 x 140 x 250 mm
Weight 5.6 kgs
  1. Glass plate installation within 15 sec
  1. Gel making mode: agarose sealing
  1. Easy to open lid buttons
  1. Leak proof assembly
  1. Automatic power off when lid is removed

Used in molecular biology, education institutes, research and diagnostic lab for protein sample analysis, purification of nucleic acids, seed purity testing, analysis of high throughput SSR markers, etc.

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