3D Rotating Mixers LB-11ROM

3D Rotating Mixers LB-11ROM

3D Rotating Mixer LB-11ROM is a benchtop unit for mixing samples horizontally, vertically or at any angled rotation with a variety of sample tubes. The front panel consists of an LED display for visual monitoring and operational buttons for ease of manual accessibility.


Rotating speed 10 rpm ~ 40 rpm
Time range 1 s ~ 999 mins
Reciprocating oscillation angle 20 ° ~ 99 °
Power 4 W
Dimensions 240 × 145 × 210 mm
Weight 1.2 kgs


  • Horizontal, vertical to variable angle rotation mode
  • Adjustable rotating frame
  • Compact and portable equipment
  • Gentle press positive and negative rotation


Used in molecular biology, chemistry, bio-chemistry, clinical applications, molecular hybridization, blood and various samples that require mixing.


12 pieces-5 centrifuge tubes of 10 ml / 15 ml (Ф15 mm ~ Ф16 mm) +6 centrifuge tubes of 5 ml / 7 ml (Ф12 mm ~ Ф13 mm)
22 pieces-3 centrifuge tubes of 50 ml +18 centrifuge tubes of 0.5 ml
32 pieces-18 centrifuge tubes of 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml

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3D Rotating Mixers LB-11ROM
Rotating speed 10 rpm ~ 40 rpm
Time range 1 s ~ 999 mins
Reciprocating oscillation angle 20 ° ~ 99 °
Power 4 W

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