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Vacuum drying oven LB-10VDO

Vacuum drying oven LB-10VDO |


Vacuum drying oven LB-10VDO is equipped with rapid heating and working temperature of 250 °C. It features four side heating method with temperature conductivity for shelves. Bullet proof dual observation window with acrylic exterior protection for easy process viewing. Circulating fan motor hot air ensures uniform temperature distribution in a chamber.

Specifications :
Chamber volume 24 L
Heating time 80 mins
Number of shelves 2
Inner chamber size ( W x L x H ) 300 x 300 x 270 mm
Temperature range RT +10 °C to 250 °C
Heating mode Four wall heat conduction and decompression
Vacuum degree < 133 Pa
Temperature resolution ratio 0.1 °C
Temperature motion ± 1 °C
Inner chamber Anti-corrosive treated high strength galvanized steel
Outer shell Cold rolled steel electrostatic spraying chamber
Insulation layer Aluminium silicate fiber
Heater Stainless steel electric heating tube
Observation window Bullet proof glass , acrylic exterior
Vacuum meter Pointer type , accuracy class 2.5
Nozzle diameter 10 mm
Timer 0 ~ 9999 min ( time wait function )
Operational function Timing function , auto stop
Sensor Pt100
Load per rack 15 kgs
Shelf space 100 mm
Power 0.8 kW
Power supply AC 220 V / 3.6 A
Exterior dimensions ( W x L x H ) 480 x 480 x 606 mm
Weight 42 kgs
Features :
  • Four side heating method
  • Temperature conductive shelves
  • Inflatable port ( thermo stability silica gel sealant strip )
  • Dual observation glass window ( Inner : explosion proof and Outer : resin protection )
  • PID controlled dual temperature
  • Cold rolled steel electrostatic sprayed exterior
  • Overheating is prevented by automatic circuit shut-off
  • Over-temperature and over-current protection
  • Audio visual alarm for system disfunctionality
Applications :

Used for drying of thermo-sensitive, oxidative materials easily. It can be filled with inert gases for a rapid drying of some compound material

Standard Accessories :

Accessory No Accessory Quantity
1.        Shelf 2
2.        Shelf frame 4

Optional Accessories :

Accessory No Accessory
1.        Silica gel connecting pipe
2.        Vacuum pump


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