Minicentrifuge LB-11LM

Minicentrifuge LB-11LM

Portable mini centrifuge LB- 11LM is a unit with a speed of 5400 rpm designed for quick separation and filtration of biological samples. Enclosed structure avoids splashing of sample during ongoing cycles and self-balancing mechanism inhibits hindrance caused while spinning. Continuous operational mechanism runs samples at shorter time interval

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Speed range 5400 rpm
Maximum RCF 2000 ×g
Speed accuracy 5400 rpm (fixed)
Time range Continuous operation
Speed increment 5400 rpm (fixed)
Maximum RCF increment 5400 rpm (fixed)
Power (single phase) AC110V ~ 240V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 3A
Noise level ≤ 50 dB
Dimensions 6.9’’ mm x 5.5’’ mm
Weight 1.85 kg


  • Maximum speed - 5400 rpm
  • Automated lid opening system
  • Electronic braking system - efficient sample processing
  • See through lid for viewing the process ( Sample disintegration )
  • Click-on design for effortless interchangeable rotor


Used for removal of cell debris, separating precipitate from proteins /antibodies and for pelleting DNA/RNA/ PCR samples

Rotor Selections

Rotor type Max. speedCapacity
  0.2 ml × 6
Angle rotor 0.5 ml × 6
 5400 rpm1.5ml × 6
  2.0 ml × 6
PCR rotor 0.2 ml x 16 PCR strips
  0.2ml x 2 PCR 8 strips

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