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Motor lift rotary evaporator LB-64MRE

Motor lift rotary evaporator LB-64MRE

Motor lift rotary evaporator LB-64MRE is equipped with a 20 L evaporating flask. It has a condensate area of 0.9 m2 and it features a flask rotation speed of 0 rpm to 120 rpm. It consists of a PID temperature controller that assures accurate temperature control. Vertical with dual-spiral glass tubing condenser. Safety features such as over temperature and fuse protections are available.

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Evaporating flask 20 L
Receiving flask 10 L
Flask rotating speed 0 rpm ̴ 120 rpm
Condensate area 0.9 m2
Motor power 180 W
Heating power 4 kW
Vacuum degree 20 mbar
Water bath RT ̴ 99 °C
Oil bath RT ̴ 180 °C
Water bath size Φ450 × 280 mm
Water bath power 4 kW
Voltage 380 V
  1. Motor lift is easy to operate, moves up and down slowly and easy to lock
  1. LCD display for visual monitoring of speed
  1. Vibration - free operation
  1. Double seal of PTFE and Viton ensures high vacuum
  1. Material is corrosion resistant
  1. Large condensing area for high efficiency condensing
  1. Condensate liquid is ethanol
  1. High quality stainless steel main rack

Used for the distillation, evaporation of heat labile material’s condensation, crystallization, separation and recovery.

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