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Automated blood culture system LB-10ABC

Automated blood culture system LB-10ABC

Automated blood culture system LB-10ABC is a fully automated non-invasive microbial culture and detection equipment. Inbuilt optical detection algorithm tracks the intensity of florescence periodically. Programmed algorithm accurately determines microbial growth in accordance with fluorescence intensity. Control module combines an efficient user interface and organized data management for consistent workflow efficiency.

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Optional Accessories
Cell capacity 50
TTP (Time to positivity) > 90 % within 24 hours
Inoculation Rotary shaking
Incubation temperature 35 °C ± 1.5 °C
Blood sampling Quantitative vacuum
Specimen type Blood and all other sterile body fluids
Blood culture bottle PET
Display Graphical user interface
Dimensions 640 × 660 × 650 mm
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
110 V / 60 Hz
Weight 122 kgs
  1. Operation system
  1. Homogeneous optical reinforced detection technology
  1. Real time dynamic display of the cultural status and growth curve
  1. Continuous detection of the bottles within 10 minutes
  1. Double-barcode scan for traceable loading/unloading of culture bottles
  1. Addition of resin assures great capability of antibiotic neutralization
  1. Quantitative vacuum based blood collection
  1. Automated optical detection for positive bottles
  1. Automated recognition and indicative alarms for irregular loading
  1. Favorable nutritional media for microbial growth
  1. Culture bottle
  1. Variants: Aerobic resin type, Anaerobic resin type, Pediatric resin type
  1. Construction: High-density plastic bottles prevent biohazardous exposure

Item No.Item NameQty
BEB-10Culture medium bottle (25 ml)50

Used in diagnostic laboratories, clinical pathology and research laboratories for detection and identification of blood borne bacterial and fungal pathogens from body fluids in the sample.

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