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Automated Immunohistochemistry Stainer LB-10IHCS

Automated Immunohistochemistry Stainer LB-10IHCS

Automated Immunohistochemistry Stainer LB-10IHCS is a computerized unit with 2-D scan code. The real time reagent volume calculation promotes easy management of required reagent and reduces wastage. It activates an automatic cleaning function on completion of all recorded staining. The excellent expansibility promotes a wide range of staining protocol applications.

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Capacity 48 slides
Number of reagent containers 64 reagents ( 5 mL for each )
Heating module 99 °C
Reagent increments 50 µL
75 µL
100 µL
150 µL
200 µL
250 µL
Power consumption ≤ 950 W
Power supply 220 V ± 10 %; 50 Hz / 60 Hz
110 V ± 10 %; 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Dimensions 1015 × 665 × 520 mm
Weight 131 kgs
  1. Efficient bulk labelling input program
  1. Independent heating and monitoring modules for thermostatic experiments
  1. Advanced evaporation proofing by optimized solvent membrane cover
  1. Significant low dispensing feature for reduced wastage of reagents
  1. Optimized program for simultaneous moving, dispensing and rapid turnaround of slides
  1. Real time monitoring and data recording for efficient detail tracking of staining task
  1. Convenient data output by printing function
  1. Teflon coated nozzle avoids staining contamination

Used for staining specimens in paraffin section, frozen section, punctured section, cell smear and marrow section in the fields of histology, cytology, immunology, microbiology, medicines, genetics, etc.

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