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Automatic Colony Counter LB-10CC

Automatic Colony Counter LB-10CC

Automatic Colony Counter LB-10CC is an automated counter unit with count rate 500 colonies per second. High resolution neon spherical zoom lens eliminates edge distortion. A high precision focusing for automatic adjustment of focal length. Equipped with a metal shell and large open-door design for easy operation of sample.

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Culture dish type Pour, coating, membrane filter,3 m paper
Diameter range Standard 50 mm ~ 160 mm
Detection mode Full automatic (combined with manual)
Light source White light (optional) ,automatic centering and camera shooting
Light way Top light source + bottom transmission light source
Typical count time 3 sec
Resolution 14 million pixels
Count 400 tablet per hour
Colony count rate 500 colonies/sec
Colony resolution 0.02 mm
Dimensions 430 x 410 x 730 mm
Weight 24 kgs
  1. Automatic and manual detection mode
  1. Digital camera ensures low noise and high sensitivity
  1. Automatic focusing adjusts focal length
  1. Neon spherical zoom lens eliminates edge distortion
  1. CNC servo motor operates camera to capture image
  1. Metal shell with large open door design for easy operating of sample
  1. Optional white light source

Used in healthcare, life science, molecular biology, pharmaceutical, clinical and research laboratories, microbiology, to estimate colonies of bacteria or other microorganism on agar, slide, gel or petri dish.

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