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Benchtop Chlorine Meter LB-10CMB

Benchtop Chlorine Meter LB-10CMB

Benchtop Chlorine Meter LB-10CMB is an analytical unit with 20 groups test data storage. LCD screen displays measurement readings and results. Automatic power off post thirty minutes of non-use prolongs battery life. It measures the amount of residual chlorine in water and other liquids.

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Measurement range 0 ~ 10 mg/L
Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Repeatability 0.01
Error ± 5 % FS + 1
Dimensions 370 × 260 × 160 mm
Weight 5 kgs
  1. Single mode of measurement
  1. Instant measurement readings
  1. Hold function for data storage
  1. Photoelectron calorimetric detection for improved resolution
  1. Dust and water proof structure

Used in waste water treatments, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, research institutes, laboratories, etc.

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