Blood Bag Sealer LB-10BBS

Blood Bag Sealer LB-10BBS

Blood Bag Sealer LB-10BBS has a high frequency sealing system with a sealing time of 0.8 to 1.2 seconds. Crafted with a single chip, this device features automatic sealing of blood bags with a diameter ranging from 2 to 6 mm. Used in blood collection vehicles with a suction feet to prevent unintended movement.

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Sealing Time 0.8 to 1.2 s
Sealing Type Automatic
Diameter of tube 2 to 6 mm
Tube wall thickness ≤1 mm
Lifespan of Electronic Tube About 1000 hours
Power Supply AC110V / 220V ±10%, 50 / 60Hz
External dimension 320 × 180 × 130 mm
Packaging dimension 410 × 210 × 210 mm
Net weight 5 kg
Gross weight 6 kg


  • Features adjustable voltage settings ensuring optimal performance
  • Incorporated with circulating air duct, for effective cooling
  • Characterized to maintain sterility and quality of blood products
  • Enhanced with uniform heating and firm sealing
  • Crafted with durable materials for ensuring long-lasting performance
  • Fitted with a handle for better grip
  • Integrated with an Electronic tube for controlling current flow


Designed for sealing various types of medical bags, including blood bags, infusion bags, and urine bags. Essential for ensuring the safety, sterility, and quality of blood and its components during collection, storage, and transport in healthcare settings.

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