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Forced air drying oven LB-11FAO

Forced air drying oven LB-11FAO

Forced air drying oven LB-11FAO is equipped with a rapid heating and working temperature of 300 °C. It features dual air ducts with horizontal air circulation for high efficiency and uniformity. Built-in silicate insulated layer prevents heat loss. Forced air convection provides optimal air circulation, temperature uniformity, and brief heat-up time. Circulating fan motor hot air ensures uniform temperature distribution in a chamber.

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Chamber volume 45 L
Number of shelves 7
Inner chamber size ( W x L x H ) 350 x 350 x 350 mm
Temperature range RT +10 °C to 300 °C
Cycle mode Forced convection
Temperature resolution ratio 0.1 °C
Temperature motion ± 1 °C
Temperature uniformity ± 2.5 %
Inner chamber Mirror stainless steel
Outer shell Cold rolled steel electrostatic spraying chamber
Insulation layer Silicate heat preservation board
Heater Stainless steel heater
Exhaust hole ᴓ 28 mm top ( with test hole function )
Display mode LCD
Timer 0 ~ 9999 min ( time wait function )
Operational function Fixed temperature operation , timing function , auto stop
Sensor Pt100
Load per rack 15 kgs
Shelf space 35 mm
Power 1.2 kW
Power supply AC 220 V / 5.5 A
Exterior dimensions ( W x L x H ) 490 x 540 x 730 mm
Weight 37 kgs
  1. PID controlled dual temperature
  1. Homogenous temperature distribution
  1. Cold rolled steel electrostatic sprayed exterior
  1. Touch button setting for easy user convenience
  1. Four digit temperature measurement on upper row
  1. Transparent window provision for sample process viewing
  1. Overheating is prevented by automatic circuit shut-off
  1. Over-temperature and over-current protection
  1. Audio visual alarm for system disfunctionality

Used in glassware drying, warming, sterilizing, ageing, curing, baking, soldering, annealing, desiccation, torrefaction, wax-melting and sterilization in mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes

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