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Hot Air Oven LB-20HLO

Hot Air Oven LB-20HLO

Hot Air Oven LB-20HLO is a mechanical convection cabinet with even temperature distribution. Cooling fan provides uniformity in ventilation within the chamber. Heat loss is prevented by silicate insulation. Two sets of movable plates are made available for height adjustment.

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Capacity 270 L
Temperature range RT+10 °C to 200 °C
Inner chamber dimensions 600 × 900 × 500 mm
Exterior chamber dimensions 110 × 160 × 650 mm
Interior chamber material 304 Stainless steel
Exterior chamber material Powder coated cold-rolled plate
Temperature humidity fluctuation ± 0.3 °C
Temperature humidity uniformity ± 1 °C
Temperature humidity resolution 0.1 °C
Heating time 30 minutes
Power supply 380 V
60 Hz / 50 Hz
  1. Microcomputer electronic data controller
  1. Transparent window for sample visualization
  1. High temperature endurance
  1. Temperature elevation by heaters
  1. PU fiberglass insulation of cabinet
  1. Rapid temperature recovery
  1. Overheat protection (silica coating)
  1. PID digital controller to regulate process parameters

Used for sterilizing equipments, glassware drying, baking, annealing, conditioning, evaporating, dehydrating and other general laboratory work.

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