Inverted Biological Microscope LB-12IVBM

Inverted Biological Microscope LB-12IVBM

Inverted biological microscope LB-12IVBM is an instrument with long working distance (LWD) objective optimized for flatter and brighter viewing. Halogen lamp illumination system enables specimen viewing with their natural colours. Various optional accessories upgrade unit and make it more flexible for advanced applications.

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Viewing head Seidentopf Trinocular
Viewing head inclination Inclined at 30°
Interpupillary distance 48 mm ~ 75 mm
Eyepiece WF10X/20 mm
Eyepiece tube Φ 30 mm
LWD (Long Working Distance) Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective 4X/0.1 , WD 22 mm
LWD (Long Working Distance) Infinite plan achromatic phase objective 10X/0.25 , WD 6 mm
20X/0.4 , WD 3.1 mm
40X/0.55 , WD 2.2 mm
Nosepiece Backward Quintuple
Condenser ELWD condenser NA 0.3
LWD 72 mm (Without Condenser WD: 150 mm)
Phase Annulus 10X ~ 20X, 40X Phase Annulus Plate (Fixed)
Telescope Centering Telescope (Φ 30 mm)
Stage Plain stage 170 mm x 230 mm
Glass insert
Attachable mechanical stage , X.Y Co-axial control
Moving range 120 x 80 mm
Auxiliary stage: 70 mm x 180 mm
Terasaki holder
Petri dish holder Φ 35 mm
Slide glass holder Φ 54 mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
Fine division 0.002 mm
Moving range up: 4.5 mm
Moving range down: 4.5 mm
Illumination Halogen lamp 6V/30 W
Brightness adjustable
Filter Blue, green and frosted glass filter (Φ 45 mm)
Dimensions 465 x 395 x 640 mm
Weight 18 kgs


  • High contrast infinity optical system
  • LWD (Large working distance) objective easily observes living cell
  • Advanced mechanical stage with knob height and tightness adjustable function
  • Pre-center phase annulus (transparent specimen observation)
  • Co-axial coarse and fine adjustment knobs
  • Lamp house adjustment objective


Used in biology, pathology, histology, pharmacology, genetics, hospitals, academic institutes, research centre, etc. to observe cell, tissues and other specimens.

Optional Accessories

Accessory No Accessory Specification
12IVBMA1 Eyepiece WF 15X/16 mm
12IVBMA2 Eyepiece WF 20X/12 mm
12IVBMA3 Objective Lamp house adjustment objective
12IVBMA4 Phase annulus 10X-20X, 40X Phase annulus plate (adjustable)
12IVBMA5 Photo tube attachment Used to connect microscope adapter and camera
12IVBMA6 0.5X C-mount Used to connect camera
12IVBMA7 Fluorescent attachment Inverted fluorescent attachment

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Inverted Biological Microscope

Inverted Biological Microscope LB-11IVBM
Viewing head Trinocular
Viewing head inclination Inclined at 30°
Interpupillary distance 48 mm ~ 75 mm
Eyepiece EW10X/22 mm
Inverted Biological Microscope LB-13IVBM
Viewing Head Trinocular head inclined at 30°C
Interpurpillary Distance 48 – 75 mm
Eyepiece High point, wide field eyepiece EW10x/22mm
Nosepiece Quintuple

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