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Microplate Shaker LB-11MRP

Microplate Shaker LB-11MRP

Microplate shaker LB-11MRP is a microprocessor controlled tabletop unit for consistent and uniform mixing action. It features high performance and low noise AC motor, optimized for rapid and thorough mixing. Adjustable knob ensures stepless speed adjustment.

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Shaking mode Circling
Circling diameter 3.2 mm
Speed range 600 rpm ~ 2200 rpm
Maximum loading 4 pcs Microplate
Running mode Timing/continuous
Timing rage 0 min ~ 60 min
Ambient temperature 5 ° C ~ 50 °C
Relative humidity 0.8
Protective glass IP21
Voltage AC 220 V ± 10%
Power 10 W
Dimensions 240 x 250 x 135 mm
Weight 3.8 kgs
  1. Open-type plate for easy cleaning
  1. Continuous and batch running mode
  1. Holds up to 4 microplates
  1. Suitable for various kinds of cell culture plates

Used in molecular biology for immunoassay, cell lysis, mixing tissue samples, hybridization and research procedures.

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