Portable Metallurgical Microscope LB-10PTL

Portable Metallurgical Microscope LB-10PTL

Portable Metallurgical Microscope LB-10PTL adopts a rechargeable vertical LED illuminator, which provides even and adequate illumination. It can work more than 40 hours after one charge. It has an optional magnetic base that can be adsorbed solidly on the work piece.

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Eyepiece Plan eyepiece 10X / 18 mm
Objective Long work distance plan objective: 10X/0.25, WD7.3 mm
500X/0.70, WD 0.5 mm
Total Magnification 100X, 500X
Mechanical tube length 160 mm
Focusing range 20 mm
Dimension 230 x 110 x 70 mm
Weight 0.75 kgs


  • Adapted to various diameter pipes and flat
  • Magnetic base can be adjusted from X, Y directions
  • Adjustable LED light illumination(chargeable)


Used for identification of casting quality, inspection of raw material or metallurgical structures, research and analysis of processed material in factory and laboratory, also can be used in antique gem and surface observation.

Optional Accessories


Accessories No Accessories Name
MOP1 WF16X, WF20X, WF10X/18 eyepiece with crossing line
MOP2 Long work distance plan 5X, 20X and 40X objectives
MOP3 Digital Cameras
MOP4 Magnetic base

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