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Rapid Electrophoresis Unit LB-10REU

Rapid Electrophoresis Unit LB-10REU

Rapid electrophoresis unit LB-10REU is a compact horizontal electrophoresis system with a capacity of detecting 96 samples simultaneously. Low buffer and gel volume with the parallel electrode arrangement enables processes to be completed within 15 minutes. It includes a black bottom for clearer observation while sample loading and during the experimental process.

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Standard Accessories
Gel tray (W x L) 85 x 200 mm
Buffer volume 50 mL
No of samples 10 to 216
Rows of combs 1 ~ 12
Distance between electrodes 270 mm
Gel making mode Baffle
Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 150 x 61 mm
Weight 0.5 kgs
  1. Run up to 96 samples
  1. High resolution unit
  1. Auto power off when lid is removed
  1. Easy to open lid buttons
  1. Multichannel pipette compatible (quick sample loading)

1Body tank with electrode1
2Gel tray (85 x 200 mm)1
4Combined comb frame1
51.0 mm thickness 10 wells comb12
61.8 mm thickness 18 wells comb12
7Electrical cable1

Used in molecular biology, life science, research and diagnostic lab, education institutes for PCR amplification, cloning, high throughput screening of DNA, RNA and proteins for quick checking of samples.

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