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Tablet Friability Tester LB-20FT

Tablet Friability Tester LB-20FT

Tablet friability tester LB-20FT is a microprocessor controlled benchtop unit. Single drum rotated at a particular speed carry tablets. Automated tests are followed by its diagnosis. Alarm system indicates the unit’s diagnostic faults.

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Number of cylinders 1
Rotation speed 25 rpm
Rotation count 100 r
Tablet fall height 156 mm
Cylinder depth 39 mm
Cylinder radius 286 mm
Rotation speed accuracy ±1 rpm
Rotation count accuracy ±1 rotation
Power 60 W
Power supply 110 V/ 60 Hz
220 V/ 50 Hz
Dimensions 410 × 295 × 430 mm
Weight 8 kgs
  1. Single hyaline acryl drum
  1. Auto stop at preset time
  1. LED displays preset or real data
  1. Alarm system detect diagnostic fault

Used in pharmaceutical research institutes, laboratories to test the durability of tablets during packing processes and transit.

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