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Tower steam water distiller LB-10TSD

Tower steam water distiller LB-10TSD

Tower steam water distiller LB-10TSD is a laboratory grade distillation unit with a water output capacity of ≥ 50 L/hr. Distillation combined with filtration, ammonia drainage and gas-water separation operations. High temperature boiling steam generated used lowering energy consumption. Coiled heating tube and shell tube heat exchanger facilitate high thermal efficiency and optimum cooling rate within the system.

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Water output capacity ≥ 50 L / hr
Steam supply pressure 0.4 MPa
Cooling water pressure 0.2 MPa
Steam consumption ~ 1:1
Water consumption Ratio ≤ 1:1.4
Product dimensions 710 x 670 x 1450 mm
Product material Stainless steel
  1. High quality and quantity water output capacity (≥50 L/hr, redistilled water)
  1. Low water requirement (condensate used)
  1. Maximized heating efficiency
  1. Optimum cooling capacity
  1. Low energy consumption
  1. Corrosion resistance

Used in water treatment plants to remove toxic substances like arsenic, asbestos, atrazine, benzene, lead, mercury and biological contaminants

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