-60 °C ULT Chest freezer LB-11UCF

-60 °C ULT Chest freezer LB-11UCF

-60 °C ULT Chest freezer LB-11UCF is a cold storage horizontal freezer equipped with electronic temperature control. Direct-cooling ensures consistent performance at utmost efficiency for prolonged refrigeration. Storage zone can be suitably organized for optimum space utilization to maximize sample occupancy. Temperature controller renders reliable temperature stability. System alarms include high or low set temperature limits, sensor fail, temperature controller fail and power-off conditions.


Storage capacity 485 L
Baskets 4
External size 1655 × 755 × 915 mm
Internal size 1455 × 525 × 665 mm
Temperature range -25 °C to -60 °C
Temperature sensor PTC
Evaporator Copper coiled tube
Condenser Tube type
Compressor 1
Refrigerant HFC
Ambient temperature 10 °C ~ 32 °C
No. of test holes 1
Diameter of test hole 25 mm
Noise 55 dB
Power consumption 8.5 kWh
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz ; 2.8 A
Power 450 W
Weight 124 kgs


  • Capacity: 485 L
  • Direct cooling technology with manual defrost
  • Consistent performance during long-term refrigeration
  • Baskets for organized sample storage
  • Digital control panel for temperature monitoring and alarms
  • Latched door-lock for dependable sample protection


Used in clinical pathology, reagent production units, medical labs and research centers, suitable for bulk storage of low-risk specimen, reagents, culture medium and agents for research applications.


Module No.Module Name
ATR-10 Thermal Recorder

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-60 °C ULT Chest freezer LB-11UCF
Storage capacity 485 L
Baskets 4
External size 1655 × 755 × 915 mm
Internal size 1455 × 525 × 665 mm

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