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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LB-27ETOS

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LB-27ETOS

Ethylene oxide sterilizer LB-27ETOS is a table top microcomputer-controlled unit with simultaneous control of four interdependent parameters. Provision for gas selection (Mixed gas [80 % EO, 20 % CO2] or pure EO gas [100 % EO] ). Automated detection of indoor sterilization humidity, thus ensuring minimum and maximum humidity range. Built-in sterile filter effectively filters out bacteria and microorganisms, thus avoiding secondary pollution on discharge. Automatic data recovery function aids in data storage in case of power failure.

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Chamber dimensions (L × W × H) 1170 x 815 x 1045 mm
Volume 1000 L
Sterilization temperature 50 °C ± 5 °C
EO sterilization concentration 0.6 g/L
Working pressure -60 Kpa
Sterilization time 0 ~ 99 hrs
Automatic ventilation cycle 5 times every 15 mins
Power 7.5 kW
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
380 V / 50 Hz
Gross Weight 575 kgs
  1. Digital screen (operational steps and running status)
  1. Four interdependent parameters (Gas concentration, temperature, relative humidity, and time of exposure)
  1. Multiple chamber protection function
  1. Air inlet with sterile filters
  1. Inbuilt humidity sensor
  1. Adjustable sterilization time
  1. Automatic ventilation for steam exhaustion
  1. Automatic data backup
  1. No toxic residue

Used in pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industries and even in a wide range of laboratories to perform sterilization of syringes, catheters, cartridges for dialysis, plastic articles, bandages, sutures, furniture, archives, books, etc.

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