Fluorescence Biological Microscope LB-11FBM

Fluorescence Biological Microscope LB-11FBM

Fluorescence biological microscope LB-11FBM is a bench-top unit integrated with digital display for viewing. Optical systems include wide field high eyepieces and florescent achromatic objectives. Built in high resolution florescent objectives aids to achieve excellent florescent image. Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment focus knob with tension adjustment helps with mobility of the objective lenses.

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Viewing head Trinocular
Eyepiece(Wide field eyepiece ) WF10X / 18 mm
Inclination 45°
Eyepiece tube diameter 23.2 mm
Inter-pupillary distance 55 mm ⁓ 75 mm
Rotation 360°
Achromatic objective 4X
Focus fine division 0.002 mm
Coarse stroke 37.7 mm per rotation
Fine stroke 0.2 mm per rotation
Moving range 28 mm
Condenser Abbe condenser NA1.25
Stage Double layer mechanical stage 140 mm × 140 mm
Cross travel 75 mm × 50 mm
Lamp 100 W
Transmitted illumination 1W S-LED illumination
Power supply 220 V ⁓ 110 V


  • Rotatable, sliding view head
  • Double layer mechanical stage ( X-Y-Z movement of sample )
  • Quadruple nosepiece ( holds four objective lenses )
  • Ultra Hi-voltage spherical mercury lamp
  • Abbe condenser with Iris diaphragm ( concentrate and controls the light )
  • Filters : Excitation, barrier and dichromatic mirror
  • Ergonomic design ( more comfortable viewing )


Used in biological, histological, pathological, bacteriology and pharmacy field. Widely used in medical institutes, laboratories, academic laboratories and colleges.

Optional Accessories

Accessory No. Accessory Accessory Specification
1FBMA1 Eyepiece WF16X / 11 mm
1FBMA2 Objective Achromatic objective 20X
1FBMA3 Objective Achromatic objective 60X
1FBMA4 Objective Plan achromatic objective 4X
1FBMA5 Objective Plan achromatic objective 10X
1FBMA6 Objective Plan achromatic objective 20X
1FBMA7 Objective Plan achromatic objective 40X
1FBMA8 Objective Plan achromatic objective 60X
1FBMA9 Objective Plan achromatic objective 100X
1FBMA10 Nosepiece Quintuple
1FBMA11 Transmitted illumination Halogen Lamp ( 6 V / 20 W )
1FBMA12 Photo attachment Nikon ( Connect to Nikon digital single lens reflex )
1FBMA13 Photo attachment Canon ( Connect to Canon digital single lens reflex )
1FBMA14 Video attachment 0.5X microscope adapter
1FBMA15 Video attachment C-mount, 1X magnification
1FBMA16 Accessory Polarization set
1FBMA17 Accessory Phase contrast Kit

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Fluorescence Biological Microscope

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Eyepiece(Wide field eyepiece )
Eyepiece (Extra wide field) EW10X / 22 mm
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