Microwave Reactor LB-11MR

Microwave Reactor LB-11MR

Microwave reactor LB-11MR is a continuous flow thermochemical unit for precise control of critical reactions. Built-in PID controller ensures reproducible results. Equipped with glass tablewheels and H-shaped glass pipe for high efficiency heating. Microwave power is continuously adjustable with power meter, makes it convenient for different reaction conditions.

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Frequency Adjustable
Power consumption 1100 W
Output Power 650 W
Input current 7.8 A
Voltage 220 V
Dimensions 290 x 295 x 190 mm
Package size 610 x 480 x 550 mm
Gross weight 35 kgs


  • Door interlock switch for easy connection
  • Large screen window for observation
  • Adjustable stirring speed (stepless)
  • Non-reactive Teflon plate frame
  • Magnetic stirring function for uniform heating


Used in medical, organic, inorganic, analytical, polymer chemistry, food processing and industrial laboratories for accelerating chemical reaction under controlled conditions.

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Microwave Reactor

Microwave Reactor LB-20MR
Frequency 2450 MHz ± 15 Hz
Microwave output mode Continuous wave
Power consumption
Output Power ≤ 750 W (continuously adjustable automatically)
Microwave Reactor LB-10MR
Frequency 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz
Microwave output mode
Power consumption 1100 W
Output Power 750 W

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